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1.  How does my pet get Free Vaccines for Life?  It's simple.  Just pay an initial enrollment fee for each pet and bring them in yearly for a wellness exam.  Any core vaccines that our Doctors determine your pet should have are free of charge for the life of your pet.

2.  What's the catch?  There really isn't one.  We strongly believe that yearly wellness exams promote the best health for your pet and we are willing to give you an incentive to bring your pets in at least once every 12 months for their wellness exam.  That incentive is free core vaccines.

3.  What are core vaccines?  For the dog they are Distemper/Parvo, Leptospirosis, Rabies, and Bordatella.  For the cat they are Distemper and Rabies.

4.  Will they get vaccines every year?  That depends on your pet and our doctors.  Each pet will have a full physical exam and we will discuss with you which vaccines your pet needs.  Most adult dogs will get Leptospirosis and Bordatella vaccines annually and Distemper and Rabies vaccines every three years.  Most adult cats will receive Distemper and Rabies vaccines every three years.  If a pet is in poor health or has a condition that prohibits the use of vaccines, our doctors may delay or not give vaccines.

5.  Will they need a wellness every year even if they don't get vaccines that year?  Yes.  To stay enrolled in the program, all pets will need a wellness exam every year.

6.  What if we are late for our wellness visit?  We will give a grace period of 30 days after the month they are due for the wellness check-up.  We will remind you before the month your pet is due, during the month your pet is due, and twice during the grace period month.  If you are more than 31 days after your wellness month, you will need to re-enroll you pet to continue in the program.

7.  What if we are late for our vaccine series?  All vaccines in series need to be given in a timely fashion to be effective.  We will recommend when you need to return for boosters (usually given 3 weeks after a vaccine is given).  We will give a 4 week grace period after the booster is due.  If you are more than 31 days late for the booster, you will need to re-enroll your pet to continue in the program.

8.  Does the Free Vaccines for Life program include heartworm or fecal checks, heartworm prevention, or other vaccines not listed?  Not at this time.  Any non-core vaccines such as feline leukemia or Lymes vaccine, or any testing or products have a separate charge.

9.  What if I get my wellness exams at a different veterinary hospital/clinic?  The wellness exam must be done at the Animal Hospital of Kentwood by our doctors to qualify for the Free Vaccines for Life program.

10.  What if I move or my pet dies?  We are sorry, but the program is not transferrable to other clinics or pets and there are no refunds available.

11.  How much does it cost?  The enrollment fee this year is $79.57 for dogs and $39.25 for cats.  This fee will cover the core vaccines for the life of your pet.  You will be responsible for a yearly wellness exam fee every year ($50.37).

12.  What if I want to wait until next year to enroll?  We are currently accepting new enrollments.  Pets that are already enrolled and maintain their yearly wellness visit will stay enrolled for their lifetime.